HEALTH, SAFETY, SECURITY & ENVIRONMENT STANDARDS (HSSE) __________________________________________________________________

Each site will have a Safety Incharge on site at all times.
The safety Incharge must ensure compliance to the following HSSE standards:
The employees, sub-contractors agents shall in the execution of the work be fully responsible for compliance with:
Relevant local and national regulations.
Local, national and International standards or codes of practice whichever are the more stringent unless specified otherwise;
The company's regulations and procedures.
The Safety Incharge / Project Manager shall be fully responsible for supervision of the personnel to ensure that they strictly adhere to all applicable safety requirements.
The Safety Incharge shall ensure that all personnel and sub-contractors personnel have been given the necessary safety, survival and job-related training required by law. Company regulations and good practice, prior to the start of the work, and will provide certificates to that effect (if so required).
The Safety Incharge may refuse access to its work site by the personnel who, in its opinion, do not comply with standards for safe and good workmanship owning to attitude, lack of skill or insufficient training or experience.
Safety Meetings
The Safety Incharge shall be responsible for maintaining and enhancing the safety awareness of its personnel and sub-contractor's personnel, including arranging its own safety meetings and participating as appropriate in safety meetings held by the Company or its others contractors.
Copies of minutes of the safety meetings shall be sent to the Head Office. The personnel are to be encouraged to contribute actively to safety meetings and to identify safety topics for inclusion in the agenda for a safety meeting.
Reporting of Accidents
The Safety Incharge shall immediately notify the Head Office of all accidents resulting in:
Fatalities and other lost time injuries to its personnel or Sub-contractor personnel.
Comparable injury to third parties.
Damage to plant or equipment.
Loss of containment.
Actual or potential damage to the environment.
An outbreak of fire
Any other incident
Immediate notification shall be followed by a full written report within 24 hours.
Both those accidents referred to in 4 and those resulting in less serious injuries shall be recorded and the statistics reported periodically to the Head Office by the first week of every month.
Upon completion of the work under the contract and/or on an annual basis, which ever is more frequent, the Safety Incharge shall prepare a summary report of its safety performance including statistics.